Spiritual Wealth

All about finding balance and connecting to the inner you, we are greater than our bodies and for that reason seeking wealth in our own spirituality is extremely important.

Cognitive Wealth

What we put into our mind and our unwavering belief in ourselves and anything we do is the foundation for any level of ultimate wealth building, it is impossible to attract the kind of wealth we desire without feeding our mind with the right mental attitude.

Physical Wealth

Although we are spiritual beings at our core, it is extremely important we take care of our bodies physical wealth helps to create clarity in all other areas, when maintained properly it will give us an abundance of wealth giving benefits.

Financial Wealth

This is mentioned as the last of the four areas of wealthy living because without the other three areas financial wealth of any kind could never be obtained and kept. This area will focus on investing, money management and accumulation of wealth creating ventures.


Born To Be Wealthy is dedicated to Personal Development and living a wealth giving lifestyle, becoming rich in character and quality. Many of us feel that being “Wealthy” is all about how much he or she has in their bank account, and although having financial abundance is great, it is only one part of being truly wealthy.

Without physical wealth, spiritual wealth and mental wealth (meaning how we think and what we put into our mind), no true financial wealth could ever be obtained, maintained and kept, so Born To Be Wealthy is dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in all areas of wealth development and leading a wealthy living lifestyle. Click the link below and subscribe to the site to find out about more.


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