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Below is some information about me, as well as personal experiences that lead me to where I am.

About Me

SJHello and welcome to this about me section of my website, I’m a serial entrepreneur, executive producer, business development consultant, philanthropist and commercial director. Instead of beginning to bore you with my resume, qualifications and experiences I have, I will allow the overall site speak for itself and instead walk you through how I got to where I am and the journey involved.

I started off as a video promotional editor 17 years ago, then quickly expanded into creating visual effects and broadcast design for commercials, documentaries, TV show openers & music videos, 4 years into my new career I was then offered to create commercials for some of the largest brands including, Toyota, Seagrams, Discovery Channel, Honda, Tommy Hilfiger, Biosome & Staples to name a few. I then began consulting for The Source Magazine (A Hip Hop Culture Brand) and Jones Magazine (A High Fashion Magazine) as their Director of Production producing over 27 new show programming for both brands, as well as developing new marketing strategies for both companies.

Philanthropy was always of great interest to me and helping other so I began working with 2 non-profit women’s empowerment organizations, and planned to continue expanding my reach with humanitarian services.

The question that I am asked the most is: What is the whole “Success Jones” about?

Before I started my business, I was told by my family and friends that based on my personality, ambition, love for life, and desire to help others, I would definitely be a successful individual. So “Success Jones” became more of a personal affirmation that I hold for myself which I really embraced in my career as well as personal life.

My Full Bio:

I launched a production company in 2000 called “Platinum Films”, from 2000 to 2002, I focused majority of my time and energy on learning the process of post-production editing and then moved onto learning compositing and broadcast design. I edited everything, from music videos to commercials and television shows. In 2003, I had an opportunity to create a commercial for a Broadway musical called “Squank”.

The creative director of the project already had a storyboard of what they wanted animated, but once draft the animation based on the producers boards were created, neither myself, nor the ad agency were happy with it.  The creative director of the project then turned to me and said: “Sean, we’ve already paid to have this commercial air first thing Monday morning and it’s now close to 10pm Friday evening and we have no commercial, can you come up with something creative from scratch to save this project?”


Under a tight deadline I spent 3 nights straight in their office (and no they did not have showers, one of those times where you definitely wanted to stay far away from me). It was an experience that taught me self discipline, and the “no room for excuses” mentality. I would not trade what I did for the world and because of the unstoppable work ethic I brought to the project, a few things happened:

  • I completed the commercial above and beyond what they expected.
  • The commercial aired on time and I saved the day on a project that could have went very badly for the agency.
  • I was then approached by the agency to direct spots (Discovery Channel being the first set of spots).
  • A few days after the commercial aired I received a call from an executive at a Record label to direct a music video for one of their bands.

That was the beginning of what turned into a very ambitious and rewarding career in entertainment media. 2006 came along where I experienced a personal loss, in which I was set back from wanting to do any work for a long period of time.  In that time, I was focusing on what was really important to me; that time helped to give me a new direction in my life.  I wanted a stronger purpose, to affect and change individuals lives for the better.  Whether it be 1 person or 10,000 people, I wanted to make a difference – and that difference became “The Success Jones Network” which in essence, was the rebirth of myself and the new approach I wanted to take on when it came to helping others.

Success Jones Network became my new focus which combined media, video production, web design and empowerment. I went on to create brands that specifically target those areas. The initial launch of Success Jones Network came through my video production company, Anyiis, by organizing a fashion show called “Style Rocks” in late 2007, which was hosted by Toccara and Yaya from the then famous show America’s Next Top Model.  The event was a success and received a great response from the media, other industry professionals, and their affiliations.  The name Sean “Success” Jones was then born as an affirmation to myself that no matter how hard or how tough the travel may be, the main objective and goal is: INNER SUCCESS.  That is a principle I stand by to this very day.

There have been many mistakes and set backs and the road was never easy, nor will it ever be easy, however being consistent and always striving for the very best version of myself, and helping others, is always the main goal.  I have a great team and could not have done this without them.


-Sean “Success” Jones


Can’t believe I found this on the internet, my first ever TV commercial ever, I had to post this, it reminds me of how far I have come. As cheesy as it is, it still makes me smile.

Success Jones Network Brands

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